Why Upgrade to an SSD?

Make Your Computer 10x Faster

You may know what a Solid-State Drive is, but just in case:  an SSD is essentially a newer type of Hard Drive that runs operating systems, and all types of software, up to 10x faster than their HDD (Hard Disk Drive) counterparts!*

While a HDD has a moving arm that it uses to read data, while an SSD has no moving parts – much like a USB compared to a floppy disk. An HDD operates at 50-120 MB/sec.  An SSD can transfer data as quickly as 550 MB/sec.  You can do the math, an SSD is clearly superior.

To keep it simple: upgrading to a Solid State Drive can take your old, slow computer, and make it feel brand new again.  Think of the difference between a 10 year old Suburban, and a fresh-off-the-lot Ferrari.  It’s kind of like that. 

Until recently, SSDs were very expensive, and thus people were reluctant to upgrade from their HDD to the newer format.  Now, however, we are able to offer very reasonable rates to swap out your old hard drive for a new SSD!